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Executor Privacy

Ensuring the security of your private key is paramount when becoming an Executor. Here are the recommended practices and security measures we employ to protect your credentials.

Dedicated Wallet

We strongly advise using a dedicated wallet specifically for your role as an Executor. This ensures that your primary wallet remains secure and isolated from your Executor activities. By segregating your wallets, you minimize potential risks and enhance the overall security of your assets.

Encryption and Storage

Your private key is encrypted before being stored in your iCloud Keychain, providing an additional layer of security. This double security measure ensures that even if your device is compromised, the encrypted key remains protected.


We leverage Stronghold, a robust and secure tool for managing and storing credentials. Stronghold ensures that your private key and other sensitive data are handled with the highest security standards, offering peace of mind as you operate within the t3rn ecosystem.

For more details on our Executor setup, please refer to the main Executor Page.