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Getting Started

t3rn is a smart contract hosting platform that allows smart contracts to perform fail-safe multichain executions.

Developers can write their smart contracts in Solidity, !ink or any language that compiles to WASM, as t3rn supports WASM and EVM.

Smart contracts are stored in the open-source registry meaning they are available to everyone, so other developers can instantiate these contracts and develop on top of them.

Creators of contracts will be remunerated each time someone executes their code with a share of the gas fee, which opens up the possibilities of a new paradigm of open-source development.

To perform multichain transactions, t3rn relies on essential network participants called Executors, Attesters and Rangers.

Overview of Docs

  • What is t3rn gives you a small overview of t3rn.
  • Collators will explain everything you need to know to run your own collator.
  • XBI provide relevant information about XBI and how to use it to interact with other XBI enabled Parachains.