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Binary Setup

Welcome to the t3rn Executor Setup! This guided process will help you configure your executor with ease, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth start. Let's get you set up and ready to operate efficiently across multiple blockchain networks.

Executor Binary

Download Executor Binary

1. Download the executable (tar.gz) Executor binary file according to your OS from here:

Optional: Verify the download by comparing the SHA256 checksum with the provided sha256sum file to ensure file integrity

2. After unzip, in terminal, navigate to the folder that includes the executable file named executor.

Configure Settings and Environment Required Variables

To set the environment variables, copy and paste each command into your terminal. These commands will configure the necessary settings for your Executor to run properly. Make sure you adjust the variable values to your own.


1. Set your preferred Node Environment. Example:

export NODE_ENV=testnet

2. Set your log settings:

export LOG_LEVEL=debug
export LOG_PRETTY=false


1. Set the PRIVATE_KEY_LOCAL variable of your Executor, which is the private key of the wallet you will use. The example below is a fake generated key that should/cannot not be used:

export PRIVATE_KEY_LOCAL=dead93c715fdd31c61141abd04a99fd6822c8558854ccde39a5684e7a56dbeef
Executor Privacy


1. Add your preferred networks to operate on. Example:

export ENABLED_NETWORKS='arbitrum-sepolia,base-sepolia,optimism-sepolia,l1rn'
Available networks: arbitrum-sepolia,base-sepolia,blast-sepolia,linea-goerli,optimism-sepolia,l1rn

If your wallet balance falls below the threshold on one of your enabled networks, that specific network will be removed.


You can add your custom RPC URLs or skip this step to automatically use the default RPC URLs.

export EXECUTOR_${NETWORK-NAME}_RPC_URLS='url1,url2'

Example for Arbitrum Sepolia: export EXECUTOR_ARBITRUM-SEPOLIA_RPC_URLS='url1,url2'


To start the Executor, run the following command:


In order to bid on transaction orders on testnet, you need to have our BRN token. You can find the faucet link here