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GUI Setup

Welcome to the t3rn Executor Setup! This guided process will help you configure your executor with ease, providing step-by-step instructions to ensure a smooth start. Let's get you set up and ready to operate efficiently across multiple blockchain networks.

Executor GUI

Download Executor GUI

1. Download and run the Executor GUI file according to your OS from here:

Configure Settings

1. Go to Settings and set your preferred Network Environment - Testnet.

2. Enable your preferred networks to operate on by checking your selections.

If your wallet balance falls below the threshold on one of your enabled networks, that specific network will be removed.

Optional: Configure Your Network RPC URLs

Click configure your network RPC URLs and add RPC URLs for each enabled network, or skip this step and automatically use the default RPC URLs.

Configure Your Arbitrage Strategies

Click configure your arbitrage strategies, and expand for each network and asset to add your own strategies.

There are 5 fields for each asset.

1. Minimum Profit per Order

  • Specify the lowest acceptable profit that your executor should aim for when bidding on orders.

2. Minimum Profit Rate

  • Determine the lowest acceptable profit rate, as a percentage, for your executor when bidding on orders. This rate helps assess the profitability of an order relative to its size.

3. Maximum Amount per Order

  • Indicate the highest amount your executor is allowed to bid for a single order.

4. Minimum Amount per Order

  • Establish the smallest amount your executor should consider when bidding on orders.

5. Maximum Share of my Balance per Order

  • Specify the highest percentage of your total balance that your executor can allocate to a single order.

6. Save strategy


1. Set the Executor private key variable to the private key of the wallet you are going to use. Example (this is a fake generated key that should/cannot not be used): 0xdead93c715fdd31c61141abd04a99fd6822c8558854ccde39a5684e7a56dbeef

Executor Privacy

Log Level

Set your preferred log level - Debug or Info.

Debug: Contains messages primarily useful for developers to debug issues. These messages provide detailed information about the internal state and operations of the system.

Info: Provides general information about the processes running in the system. These messages offer insights into the regular operation and workflow, without the detailed level needed for debugging.


Save your settings and click the Play button to start your Executor.


In order to bid on transaction orders on testnet, you need to have our BRN token. You can find the faucet link here