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XBI in the future

Here we will lay out other foundations concerning improvements on XBI; we will likely submit further PSPs to support hardening the specification and fulfilling the goal of a specific, extensible smart contract messaging interface over XCM.

Discoverable and Dynamically updated schemas

Web2 presented several patterns that were an integral building block for developers, one of them being the rise of OpenAPI and API-driven design. We aim for XBI to facilitate the discoverability of such a dynamic API, focusing on schema upgrades without upgrading the runtime. This approach is much like the usability of GraphQL, where developers provide as many handlers in business logic as possible, whilst maintainers can modify the schema at runtime or even create new ways to join and handle the data.


Whilst XBI can and should easily be implemented as a pallet that developers can reuse. We also strive to introduce XBI as a set of modules. We think a general approach would allow as much adoption and ease of use as possible, with minimal code changes. Namely, a Transmitter(enter)/Receiver(exit) pair with a set of interfaces allowing as much customization as possible.

Some examples are:

  • custom serialization layers
  • custom storage approaches
  • only transmitters
  • only receivers